Splat Lab!

What Is Splat Lab?

Splat Lab is an enrichment program that provides unique STEAM and social studies classes to youth across New York City.

Every workshop has 4 different stations: Main Splat, Open Splat, Splat Create, and Splat Build. Students have the opportunity to get messy with projects like Slime and Ooblek. They will also get to stretch their problem-solving skills and let their imaginations soar! Everything is very colorful and playful! We have hundreds of different stations that we mix and match.

Our Style:

Our team of progressive educators seeks to foster youth exploration and build a sense of community with each unique group we work with. Our arts-based activities are always process over product, giving youth space to problem solve and create their own work. Educators guide youth to find their own answers and determine how they want to work with materials available.

Website: Splat Lab