Junior Lab

Movie and iMovie

This class is aimed at 3/5 grade students and explores the relationship between photography and video. In the beginning students learn about the evolution from still to moving image through hands-on exercises. As class progresses we develop our own short stories, write scripts and create  story-boards.

After all those preparatory exercises students collaborate with each other on filming – being directors, camera operators and actors. The process of editing in iMovie is covered in detail. The class ends with student presenting their final, completed video.


The class serves as an introduction into the world of photography, explaining its nature, origin and use to young children. It is designed to develop confidence in handling photography equipment and improve hand-eye coordination by holding and operating different cameras, while learning to compose and capture images. It also stimulates creativity through a variety of fun guided hands-on photography projects.  Students learn about the world, discussing concepts such as colors, shapes and emotions through photographs and are introduced to various skills and techniques such as making artist books or collages.

Stop Motion/Animation

The students will start with learning about all basic photography concepts and will familiarize themselves with how to operate DSLR cameras. They will use the learned knowledge to take photos that will be the basis for the Stop Motion/Animation projects. 

The ideas for each project will be discussed at the beginning of the class and will be based on the photographs students will take. The class will be divided into small groups and the program will end with each group presenting their final project.