Launch Math

I Wanna Be… A Marine Biologist!

Grab a snorkel as we dive into the oceans to learn all about Marine Biology! But beware – there is a hidden world lurking beneath the surface! From coral reefs to sharks that “sleep,” our budding sea scientists explore the unique, the strange, and the perplexing features of underwater life. What do jellyfish eat? How do fish breathe? What are the migration patterns for dolphins? Exciting projects ranging from turtle shell backpacks to octopus sock puppets (socktopus!) keep our mini-Marine Biologists creating and learning.
Additional Topics Include: Layers of the Ocean, Undersea Exploration Vehicles,Cephalopods, Whales + Other Mammals, Marine Life Food Chain

I Wanna Be… An Archaeologist!

Put on your work boots and grab a shovel because we’re about to travel back in time as we explore the life of an archaeologist! We start by learning about the tools of the trade and then we survey the globe to identify optimal locations for our digs.

From artifacts left on land to historical treasures buried at sea, our mini-Archaeologists learn the hidden science behind this intriguing career. Mysteries of the past are uncovered as we explore how ancient civilizations were able to survive– even without iPhones and laptops!

Additional Topics Include: Fossil formation, Hieroglyphics (ancient texting!), Excavation techniques, Dinosaur anatomy, Pottery production

Math Madness!

Let the mayhem from Math Mania! continue! Join us for another semester of math-themed activities and crafts. Wondering how to use units of measurement to see how far a kangaroo can jump? Curious to see how much time has elapsed between snack time and pizza night? That’s just the start! 

The Math Madness! program offers age-appropriate thematic curriculum woven into engaging mathematics-based projects and activities. Using themes such as Safari Adventures and Carnival Games, students explore topics ranging from estimation and data collection to skip counting and 3D shapes – all with a big blast of fun!