My First Code With Scratch Jr.

Coding is the new literacy! Budding coders will be introduced to fundamental concepts in computational thinking and computer science through this fun-first, hands-on, play-based projects. Focusing on communication, play, exploration and using our imaginations. We’ll create worlds full of mountains, rivers, forest, animals and bots in this fun-first, art and animation-filled introduction to coding and 3D design. 

We’ll program our own interactive stories and games in a fun combination of Scratch Jr, Kodu and/or CodeClubWorld. We’ll even enjoy a fun introduction to Python. We’ll also be creating playful “maniFESTive” art that pays kindness and positivity to the community through painted rocks, kindness flyers, secret garden gems, and chalk art inspirations! In the process, we’ll learn to solve problems, design projects and express ourselves creatively on the computer. Screen time can be creative, fun, learning time. Let’s code!
Skills Develop: Animation, Coding , Computational Thinking, Creative Arts, Game Design, 3D Design, Story Crafting, Social-Emotional Skills.