Paul Taylor Dance

Come dance with the Paul Taylor Young Artists program! This year we will be offering two dance courses: one for Kindergarten – 2nd Grade and another for Grades 3rd – 5th. Both classes will have live musical accompaniment and teach the basic elements of Mr. Taylor’s style of modern dance. No prior dance experience is required.

The K-2nd grade course will develop each student’s creative voice and confidence in movement through imaginative and challenging movement games. Students will learn basic ballet and modern positions as well discover dance imagery in the Magic Elevator and explore time and space with colorful scarves in Freeze-dance. This movement class is energetic, educational and a whole lot of fun!

The 3rd-5th Grade dance course will focus on increasing strength, flexibility and coordination by learning Mr. Taylor’s movement vocabulary and incorporating it into their own creative movement exploration. Students will be exposed to longer choreographic phrases that will become increasingly complex both rhythmically, physically, and expressively. Students are encouraged to make individual creative movement choices both as individuals and in groups.