SOCCER Sr. : Play and Learn

With French Football Academy (FFA) 

“The French Football Academy Recreational program is designed for players of all levels, who seek to have a new experience and take the next step in improving their soccer skills! Players will be exposed to the fundamentals of soccer, such as dribbling, passing and shooting. All classes are taught by our professional French Football Academy coaching staff. 

5 Steps Approach:

  • Step 1: Work on coordination: move with the ball, move on the pitch, stop the ball, understand the interaction with your teammate and the opponent, start to work on the cooperation.
  • Step 2: proper use of the feet, introduction to strong and weak feet. How and when to pass the ball.
  • Step 3: Timing of the pass. Dribble.
  • Step 4: occupy the free space, anticipation. Shoot to the goal. Introduction to the defense work.
  • Step 5: Work on transition from offensive/defensive – defensive/offensive

This unique program allows for young players to express themselves without having to worry about the high intensity of travel teams. It is a great way to start or to end a school day for any child. It allows children to spend energy, develop their knowledge of the game, improve their soccer skills and acquire the social benefit of playing a team sport. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, our coaching staff creates groups and drills based on age and skill in order to allow players to grow at their own pace.