Mandarin Chinese Immersion- NEW! with (SWAN)

Mandarin Chinese Immersion- NEW!

with Shuang Wen Academy Network (SWAN)

SWAN’s Mandarin Chinese language ASP starts at the crucial early childhood education level and goes beyond reading and writing, offering cultural events, activities, and games to engage students in using the language every day.  Unlike any other language immersion program, SWAN emphasizes curriculum, evaluation, and implementation. The curriculum we created for our students is based on high standards of Mandarin Chinese proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  We ensure the learning standards are met through: (1) outstanding and experienced teaching staff; (2) specific Mandarin Chinese language and culture learning activities; and (3) the use of technology and innovative techniques in Mandarin Chinese learning.  These standards have helped set us apart to become the leading educator among Mandarin Chinese language programs in New York City.

A typical afternoon for SWAN students will include a variety of academic and cultural activities such as learning Chinese phonetics and characters, singing Chinese folk songs,

engaging in hands-on activities through a Chinese holiday theme-based curriculum, and practicing oral drills.  This is a program for students to discover and experience another world in a safe and supportive environment.

As the leading Mandarin Chinese immersion program on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, SWAN has been the driving force behind dual language and dual culture education. Participants of all ethnic backgrounds not only receive Mandarin Chinese language instruction, but also learn about the values and beauty behind festivals like the Chinese Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival and August Moon Festival.

Learning a second language opens up a new world for children–a world that traverses cultures and continents, shows them thebeauty of diversity, and excites their young minds to becomeactive and engaged communicators. Our qualified, nativeMandarin speaking instructors provide students with the toolsto explore the Chinese culture and communicate effectivelywith the language. With the focus of receptive and

expressivecommunication skills, we aim to produce and increase theirunderstanding of high frequency phrases. Our goal is to createan interest and love for the language using a variety of craftactivities.