Welcome to After3!

Hello Parents:
Welcome to the After3 program at NEST+m! This upcoming semester is sure to be fun and rewarding for your child. While providing your child with quality and enriching programming, please know that their safety and well-being are of the greatest importance.

Daily Schedule
K-1st grade will be picked up directly from their classrooms. 2nd grade and up should report directly to the cafeteria for snack time. Remember to pack extra snacks, as we do not provide snacks. Please note that After3 is a nut free program. You can visit our Daily Schedule for more detailed information.

Medical History and Pick Up Authorization Form
Forms must be filled out and returned by September 9th, even if your child has attended after school previously. During the school year, forms can be brought to the PTA office Monday – Friday from 8:30am-2pm or scanned and emailed to After3forms@gmail.com. You can access the forms at Policies & Forms or pick up a printed version in the PTA office.

After3 accepts medical forms that are less then one year old. You can also access a medical form at Policies & Forms or pick up a printed version in the PTA office during the school year.

We would greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this first week of dismissal. Parents will be let into the building at 4:45pm via the Columbia St. entrance. Please sit in the front area of the cafeteria, which is the parent designated waiting area, until your child comes down with their teacher.

Most classes, unless otherwise stated, are dismissed at 4:45pm, and if you are not there at this time, the program’s staff will look after your child until you arrive. Please note that 5:45pm is the latest pick up time, so please be prompt to avoid a late charge. Students signed up for homework club will be brought to the cafeteria by 5:15pm.

If you need to pick your child up during instruction time, please email requests at least 10 minutes prior to pick up. All early pick up needs to be completed before 4:30pm. After 4:30pm the after school staff is completely dedicated to preparing for dismissal of the enitre after school.

Building and Bathroom Policy
After 3pm, the main floor is not accessible to parents unless there is a special event scheduled. The ground floor does not have adult restrooms; restrooms are for school aged students only. I would recommend using the restroom before you arrive or at the public library on Columbia and Houston.