Outside the Line(Art & Design)-New!

Outside the Line(Art & Design)-New

With Sylvie Wilk

This art class is a space for being imaginative and expressive. We will reflect on the world around us — how is it designed? why do we think it is designed that way? — and challenge ourselves to imagine different ways that our world could look and function. In focusing on New York City, we will ask the question: what would this city look like if you could design it? how could a city be built for kids? ┬áThere is plenty of room for the kids to explore an answer to this question. We will structure the class as 2-3 week projects, where we switch materials and focus regularly. This includes, but is not limited to, chalk pastel drawings, clay dioramas (with the option of doing a claymation film), oil pastel and watercolor maps, and poetry.