Swimming: Open Levels

Learning to swim takes time, practice, and patience, but the rewards are tremendous. The faculty believe that swimming is an essential part of a full life. Using unique and dynamic teaching methods, the experienced staff will take NEST+m kids the whole way from beginners to master-swimmers. Upon completion of a swim level, each student receives a certificate of achievement; they then have it as a constant reminder of what they have achieved, and what they are capable of achieving in the future. More advanced students will train as if on a swim team where they will learn how to swim better, faster, and more efficiently. There are two essential parts to successful swimming – technique and training. Technique will be addressed first as a foundation.

Once your child has secured good technique, appropriate workouts become more effective. These workouts will combine stroke/kicking drills, and interval sets, which together will make training more effective and fun. Children are divided up into groups based on skill level. Instructor to Child ratio is 1:5 at the beginner levels and increases slightly with level. Please note this course is held off site. Weather permitting.

Please Note: Due to the off-site location of the Swim course, 5pm bus service is unavailable to all swim students.