I am Every Girl

I Am Every Girl is at its core an empowerment group for girls. In this group art and movement will be used as tools to explore themes of strength, risk taking and connection. In the past IAEG has focused on research and education but this group will focus on creating empowerment though art and movement directives. Each group will use a woman in history as inspiration, followed by intention setting, movement (pilates and yoga), and art processing. This is for every girl. Experience and talent in art or movement are not necessary. The goal is for girls to take risks, challenge themselves and support each other as a group. Each group will have a different theme to enhance these ideas. 

Andrea Mitchell is a licensed Creative Art Therapist and certified Pilates and Yoga instructor. She has lead several groups for girls including Girl Scouts, Girl Society and I Am Every Girl. She continues to focus on the empowerment of girls through her IAEG instagram platform and youtube interviews. Currently she is leading retreats and workshops for girls and women using movement and art as tools for creativity, risk taking and empowerment.