Stop Motion Animation with The Good School

Good School-Stop Motion Animation Courses Offered at After3:

ANIMATION EXPLORATION: Into to Stop Motion Animation, Monday (k-2nd)

The Good School is happy to bring you this exciting introductory class! The art of stop motion animation is explored in this class that combines fine art making skills such as painting, drawing, clay sculpting and more with filmmaking. Using professional grade stop motion software DragonFrame, students will create short narrative films that can be posted online and shared with the world!  Intro Class:,


PET SHOP DESIGN: Adventures in Stop Motion Animation, Monday (3-5th)
Have you ever wanted to design your very own pet? Well now is your chance! In this class, brought to you by The Good School, sculpture teams up with stop motion animation to create small films that feature your dream pet. Using professional grade stop motion software DragonFrame, students work with a variety of materials including clay, fabric, wire, paper and set building materials to bring to life their one of a kind pet.—  Pet Design:

The Good School believes in a holistic art-making experience that utilizes the cooperative process of stop motion animation film making. This allows participants of all ages to experience the roles of artist, teacher and professional. Not only do we celebrate art education as a means of teaching traditional art making skills but we also emphasize its ability to impart creative thinking and strategic problem solving skills needed to participate, collaborate and innovate in the global community today and tomorrow. For more information visit: