After3 Coding Club

ARCADE: Game Design

This introductory class to Game Design course teaches students programmatic thinking and will allow students the space to consider how games are made through the analysis of Play. Minecraft, Scratch, field games, and board games will be explored in this class. Students will be encouraged to have fun and play games, but also share and analyze the playable systems in games. Writing exercises and introductory practices in game design thinking will be presented.

Creative Coding in p5.js and hydra.js

This is a live coding course in JavaScript utilizing both p5.js and hydra.js frameworks. A very deep look at JavaScript from the ES6 perspective, we will build classes, objects, variables, and functions to create animations, games, music instruments, performances, installations, and applications. This is an advanced software engineer course in JavaScript and we recommend students with at least 1 year of programming experience using some library in a coding language enroll. A great portfolio of digital art and understanding of JS will be the takeaway here. Creative Coding is fun!

Fundamentals of Scratch

This course teaches students programmatic thinking, and how to design games in Scratch. As a software engineer we will learn how to animate and clone sprites; code NPC behavior and create conditional statements; create UI/UX within the game system; utilize variables, functions, messaging, and loops; and create gameplay scenes with unique systems and behaviors. As a designer, we will ideate games, build paper prototypes, code them in scratch, and then finally playtest, iterate and publish their games. At the end of the class students will have a portfolio of Scratch games.

Machine Learning

This course at NEST+m considers how to make applications and art using machine learning. Two applications, Disco Diffusion, and Teachable Machine will be our paint and canvas. Through design thinking we will solve environmental, social, engineering, and industrial problems using these AI tools. We will also code a final project in python which will allow us to analyze music and complete  user goals. By the end of this class students will have a rich portfolio of web applications utilizing Machine Learning.

Storytelling and Web Development in Twine

This course teaches students Fullstack concepts and web application development through the lens of the branching narrative framework Twine. Students will learn to code in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build robust web applications within the Fullstack web development toolchain. As a storyteller, students will create branching narrative systems, explore genres of writing, and create a body of written work they can share online with friends and family. Twine is a free web based open source application, which exports as an executable HTML file, that many students of all ages would enjoy.