Launch Math

I Wanna Be… A Zookeeper!

Welcome to The Launch Zoo! Follow in the footsteps of a zookeeper as we visit extraordinary animals and discover the science behind what makes them special. By simulating a stroll through the grounds at the fictitious Launch Zoo, students tour exhibits ranging from butterflies to bears. It’s feeding time! Let’s head over to the Savanna exhibit and learn about the carnivorous lion, herbivorous giraffe, and omnivorous ostrich. Wondering about locomotion!? 

Let’s investigate how snakes slither, lemurs leap, and falcons fly. Questions about camouflage!? Let’s create a take-home model of a color-changing chameleon! Each session we examine animals that reveal unique and extreme adaptations. Kids begin to understand how the environment can shape a species’ appearance and diet, all while raising awareness of the importance of conservation efforts worldwide.

Additional Topics Include: Classifying Animals, Habitats, Predator vs. Prey, Echolocation, Life Cycle, Metamorphosis, Nocturnal vs. Diurnal, Night Vision.

I Wanna Be… An Engineer!

Calling all inventors, builders, designers and dreamers! This is your opportunity to shine! From wing designs to clothespin cars, curious student minds discover what it takes to be an engineer. 

Throughout the program we explore engineering disciplines ranging from aerospace to electrical, with little hands working on innovative projects that engage and amaze. Curious kids explore how engineers problem solve to address environmental crises, use nature to inspire inventions, and complete complex circuits to light up the night sky. Ingenuity, here we come!

Additional Topics Include: Engineering Design Process, Simple Machines, Electricity, Renewable Energy, Bridges, Naval Architecture.

I Wanna Be… An Explorer!

Onward ho! Let’s travel the globe and explore unique sites to learn about the many wonders our planet holds. Students journey deep into the earth to witness how volcanoes formed islands, dive to the deepest depths of the ocean to discover how tectonic plates formed the Mariana trench, and swing along treetops of a rainforest to explore this amazing biome!

From recreating cave art to building motorized tornado spinners, this class offers exciting hands-on projects that reinforce the scientific topics of the day. Just like past explorers such as Magellan and Sacagawea, our little adventurers take bold steps to make their very own worldly discoveries.

Additional Topics Include: Oceanography, Cartography, Layers of the Earth, Rock Cycle, Tectonic Plates, Volcanoes, Water Cycle, Weather.

Math Mania!

Join us for a semester of math-themed activities and crafts. Wondering how a 2D net can form a 3D six-sided die? Curious how that six-sided die can test your luck in a game featuring probability? That’s just the start!

The Math Mania! program offers age-appropriate thematic curriculum woven into engaging mathematics-based projects and activities. Using themes such as Space Voyages and Pirate Adventures, students explore topics ranging from money and measurement to data collection and probability – all with a big blast of fun!

Kids Crime Lab

Join the Launch CSI team as we investigate the mysteries of the living world through the lens of forensic biology. Designed as a suspense-building “whodunit” experience, Kids Crime Lab guides students through the discovery of clues and the tackling of challenges tied to topics such as cellular structure and DNA. 

Through the testing of collected samples, our junior detectives gather evidence required to analyze the case. From bacterium to blood type, kids learn how to interpret the evidential data and draw conclusions necessary to crack the case. Secret message glasses, microscopes, and DIY lab kits are just a few of the critical CSI tools that kids create and take home for further crime scene investigations! Science leads the way for these after school sleuths!

Additional Topics Include: Locard’s Exchange Principle, Microorganisms, Genetics, Phenotype vs. Genotype, Skeletons, Fingerprints.